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IE Screenshot Pro 2.6.0

IE Screenshot Pro 2.6.0: Save an entire webpage as an image file or thumbnail image with a single click. screenshots each time you make a screenshot of a visited Web page? No problem! Just specify the corresponding options in the Options dialog box and IE Screenshot Pro will stamp screenshots with the specified text, the current date and also the URL of the Web page. You can also specify the transparency of the text layer on screenshots. If you need to make a screenshot of a visited Web page and send it by e-mail to others, IE Screenshot Pro will help

GiPo@ScreenCapture 1.8: Easy way to make full screen and current window screenshot.
GiPo@ScreenCapture 1.8

Screenshot - makes automatically a full screen capture via predefined time intervals. Screenshot_Integration - integrates into the operating system and catches the standard shortcut key (Print Screen) when you want to make a screenshot. The Screenshot_Integration replaces the standard shortcut key (Print Screen) and allows you to make screenshots directly to the file or to the printer. You may save screenshot to the image file in the following formats

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Desktop Screenshot Whiz 1.5

Screenshot Whiz is a free screenshot capture tool optimized for productivity. Desktop Screenshot whiz Save screenshots or part of the screen to a file within a second. Desktop Screenshot whiz offers the ability to apply text and shapes to the screenshot. Key Features: 1. Save screenshots or part of the screen to a file. 2. Capture of window, region or full screenshot. 3. Supports several image formats. 4. Ability to apply text and shapes to the screenshot

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Screenshot Studio 1.0.18: Compact and powerful tool for quick Screen Capturing, Annotation and Web Sharing
Screenshot Studio 1.0.18

Screenshot Studio is compact, you don`t need any additional packages (like .NET) to be installed. A brief list of features: - All-in-one Tool: create, edit, save and load screenshots from one place in a few clicks Grab Everything: screens can be grabbed from standard, Direct3D and OpenGL modes - Powerful Annotation System: you will need just a couple of seconds to highlight important fragments of your screenshot. Screenshot Studio is extremely recommended

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IcyScreen 4.13: An automatic screenshot/screen capture program that can save, e-mail, and upload
IcyScreen 4.13

screenshot should be taken and where the screenshot should be saved, e-mailed, and/or uploaded to, you can: - Customize nearly every single aspect of the screenshot, including the file name, dimensions, image format/quality, etc. - Choose exactly what to take a screenshot of: the entire screen (you can even select which monitors to include in the screenshot, as well as the areas that are extracted from each monitor) or the active window - Forbid

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AutoScreen 2.00: Automatic screenshot taker, e-mailer, and FTP/ImageShack uploader
AutoScreen 2.00

screenshot to an e-mail and send it to multiple recipients - Upload each screenshot to your website/server via FTP - Upload each screenshot to the popular and free ImageShack image hosting service - Take a screenshot whenever the "Print Screen" key is pressed - Warn you by playing an audio file or flashing the program titlebar and tray icon before the screenshot is taken - Take a screenshot of any or all of your monitor(s), and even extract and/or

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Screenshot Master Powerful, easiest and fastest screenshot making software.
Screenshot Master

Screenshot Master is a powerful, easiest and fastest screenshot making software. Make screenshots with simple one click to icon in tray and save them to various file formats. It`s an ideal tool for create and then share screenshots over the internet. Features: - Support one click screenshot in system tray - Support save screenshots to various formats (.bmp, .jpg, .gif) - Support output quality adjustment - Support output color adjustment - Beautiful

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